Newsletter – November 2021

The Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group

Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)
At a recent meeting of the committee, it has been decided not to proceed with a A.G.M. for this year, due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic and postpone the meeting until October 2022.

Beacon News – GB3MCB Beacons
During the recent past, a second antenna beaming towards the continent has been added to the 2mtr beacon, the other beacons continue to operate as normal, with the ocasional “tweak's” required.

We have long wanted to replace the 23cms beacon, I (Roger G4OCO) have programed an Ardunioto key a simple transmitter, using the A1A mode of keying. I just need a suitable 5/10 watt transmitter to complete the project. If you have one, or know of anybody who can supply such a unit, please contact myself if you can help.

Repeater News – GB3NC & GB3HB Repeaters
Units continue to perform well, with GB3NC now on a new antenna that was installed in the summer. The signal reports so far indicate a similar coverage area that the previous Hustler G7 provided.

The EchoLink side of repeater has been complety rebuilt using a Raspberry Pi 3, again using part of the SV0SVX SVX software suite, following an SD card issue in the original Raspberry Pi 2.

GB3HB being a dual mode repeater is now “Fusion” capable, with linking provided by M1AEG, thank you Andrew.

Televsion News – GB3NQ Television Repeater
The repeater has continued to evolve, additional inputs have been added using 146 Mhz and 437 Mhz, with of course its original input on 1249 Mhz, Digital using the DVBS standard 2 MS/S F.E.C. ½.

It has been completely rebuilt using the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (S.B.C.), and British Amateur Radio Club (B.A.T.C.) “Ryde” receivers. This repeater is not 24 hours, but operates 10am to 10 pm with streaming on the internet courtesy of G8LCE.

A substantial bursary has been received by the group, granted from the British Amateur Radio Clubof £558.00, to cover the cost of upgrades and the enhanced capabilities.

The MCBARG Committee
President: Bryan Pearce G8GOR
Chair: Lisa Willis 2E0PXI
Deputy Chairman: Keith Holland, G3MCD
Secretary: John Newman, G0VDU
Treasurer: Keith Holland, G3MCD
Deputy Treasurer: Mike Bundy, G4WVD
Beacon keeper: Nick Camp, G7KFQ
Repeater Keeper & NoV holder: (GB3NC & GB3HB) Mike Bundy, G4WVD
Repeater Keeper & NoV holder: (GB3NQ) Kevin Francks M0BFB
Echolink & Publicity: Roger Gregory, G4OCO
Website: John Newman, G0VDU
St Austell ATC: Stephen Thompson, G8TNA
Maurice Richards, G3WKF
Keith Boney, G0KTD
John Brooks, M0HJO
Luke Penny, M6YEN
Peter Taylor G8BCG
Viv Watson G7AWG

Club Reps:
Rich Willis, 2E0TGK (Cornwall Radio Amateur Club)
Chris Ring, M6WIW (Poldhu Club)
Don Roomes, G0RQL (Holsworthy Club)
Bryan Pearce, G8GOR, (Newquay Club)

Cornwall Search and Rescue Team Contact:
Phil Matthews, M0PHM

Beacon and Repeater Details:


The group currently operates and maintains the following beacons and repeaters at a site andmast on Hensbarrow Downs, St Austell. Nat.Grid Ref: SW990574 QRA locator IO70 OJ

Beacon frequencies - all have the call sign GB3MCB
6m - 50.005MHz and 50.443MHz 4m – 70.025 MHz
2m – 144.469 MHz 70cms – 432.470 MHz
23cms – 1296.860 MHz 3cm – 10,368.980MHz


GB3NC – FM Output 145.725 MHz Input 145.125 MHz
(access with 77 Hz CTCSS or 1750Hz tone burst plus 5 secs of audio)
Echolink Node 282184

GB3HB - C4FM & FM Output 433.375 MHz Input 434.975 MHz
FM in/out access with 77 Hz CCTS or 1750 Hz toneburst. C4FM in/out 77 Hz with linking provided by M1AEG.

Television Repeater

GB3NQ - Output 1316 MHz D.V.B.S. 2 MS's FEC ½. Inputs 1249 MHz, 437 MHz and 146.5 MHz Digital.

And Finally
Subscriptions are now due, so please include the group on your Christmas list to pay. Stay safe and enjoy the festivities of the season.

Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group Team