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Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group

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Our repeater site is located at Hensbarrow Downs adjacent to Imerys Little John china clay pit.

Our Mast and buildings belong to us, however we have a lease on the land and this must be renewed every year. This isn’t really a problem except for the cost of renewal via the Legal profession, as our location is also a site of special interest (SSI) and is unlikely to be dug up.

As radio amateurs we are proud of our site being almost unique in owning our own Mast and brick buildings to house our Repeaters and Beacon transmitter equipment.

We are fortunate in that as we are a non profit organisation, run by volunteers and support Cornwall Search and Rescue and Air Training Corp with their radio comms. We therefore do not have to pay the commercial rates which for a company would exceed £7,000.

We do have a lot of outgoings to maintain our facility, the major one of which is electricity. To keep us going on air, maintaining the repeaters and beacons costs in excess of £700.00 per year in electricity alone.

Replacement antennas and radio equipment designed for 24/7 * 365 is also quite expensive. So we are always on the look out to raise funds via subscriptions or donations.

We request £15.00 for full membership of the repeater Group with the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting and to stand for office and take the group forward. New ideas are always welcome along with the zest to get things moving. We will also accept funds of any amount as a Donation towards the running expenses of the group.

We will also accept the donation of goods for sale which we will attempt to sell and raise funds at the radio rallies we attend throughout the year. Many items will be advertised on this web site under the For Sale banner.

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The Repeater site is located in the china clay Area of St Austell knows as Hensbarrow Downs. Our height above sea level is 1000 feet and our Mast 100 feet. The locator is IO 70 OJ.

Our 6 Beacons give out their call sign GB3MCB whilst the Repeaters are GB3NC for 2 metres - GB3HB for 70cm and GB3NQ our Fast Scan Television Repeater.