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mcbarg Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group Locator IO 70 OJ Hensbarrow Downs St Austell Cornwall


users to produce fast scan television equipment. It produces a magazine known as CQTV to assist the skills required for ATV both analogue and digital.

See www.batc.org.uk for details

Newquay Cornwall. Sat Nav TR7 3JA..

Newquay ARS are affiliated to the RSGB and can offer training to gain an amateur radio licence.

See www.qsl.net/g4adv for details

The Newquay and district amateur radio society meet every other Thursday at Treviglas community college


GB3NQ Upgrades

Work continues to improve GB3NQ ATV repeater, filters have been installed to minimise the effect on DATV receive of new new 70cm repeater and 3rd Harmonic of GB3NC 2m repeater.  We have fitted a Halo antenna for 437 digital ATV ½ way up the mast. Stations are now transmitting DATV through GB3NQ.

How you ever wondered how we get the antennas installed?


6 Metre Band Locator IO 70 OJ Freq = 50.443 Mhz Folded Dipole Beaming NE 4 Metre Band Locator IO 70 OJ Freq = 70.025 Mhz 3 ele yagi Beaming NE 2 Metre Band Locator IO 70 OJ Freq = 144.469 Mhz 3 ele yagi Beaming NE 70 cm Band Locator IO 70 OJ Freq = 432.470 Mhz 8 ele yagi Beaming NE 23 cm Band Locator IO 70 OJ Freq 1296.860 Mhz Tonna Plate to NE 3 cm Band Locator IO 70 OJ F = 10,368.980 Mhz Horn beaming NE Our Beacon keeper is Nick Camp G7KFQ. Reports on beacon activity are always welcome. See Beacon Spot on www.beaconspot.eu LINKS

The Radio Society of Great Britain

represents all radio amateurs in the UK. It works to maintain our right to the air waves under licenced conditions with Ofcom

A monthly journal “Radcom” is provided to members

See www.rsgb.org.uk for details

The British Amateur Television Club supports amateur radio

 The CRAC are hosts to the Marconi award given for stations worked on Marconi day each year. The also Host the Cornish Rally. http://www.gx4crc.com/

The Poldhu Amateur Radio Club (PARC) meet at the Marconi centre Poldhu Cornwall. Sat Nav

TR12 7JB their web site is at www.gb2gm.org

Where details of when they are open may be found. They enjoy a National Trust site.

Henry Westlake for cables and components www.whwestlake.co.uk

Robin Worsley for antennas and rigs


Waters and Stanton for all amateur radio wants


Martin Lynch for all amateur radio wants


6m Beacon News

Screen shot of the GB3MCB keying in Pi4 and being received:

The Cornish Amateur Radio Club (CRAC) meet at Gweal An Top School, School Lane, Redruth. Meetings start at 1930 on the first Thursday in the month.

Due to increased costs we have had to

Increase subscriptions with immediate

effect to £ 15.00 but we will accept donations of any amount. Help us stay on Air

Our GB3MCB six metre beacon was chosen some years ago to be part of an International Beacon Project. This involves five beacons operating on the same frequency (50.005MHz). Each beacon will transmit for a one minute slot, every five minutes in synchronised timing slots. The five beacons involved are EI0SIX, IW9GDC/B, PI7SIX, GB3MCB and OZ4BHM. As GB3MCB is now licensed for dual frequency operation it will operate for the intervening four minute periods on the original frequency of 50.443MHz.

The new six metre beacon was given to our group last year by the UK Six Metre Group. It runs a mode called PI4.

You can download free software to decode the PI4 mode from http://www.rudius.net/

PI4 mode transmits a one minute cycle:

First it sends PI4 coded call sign for 24.33 seconds Then there is a pause for 0.66 seconds It then sends CW identification (call sign and locator) at 12 words per minute for the next 25

seconds followed by a 0.5 sec pause Finally, it sends a carrier until 59.5 seconds ending the minute with a 0.5 sec pause.