Run by the Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group Input frequency 1249 MHZ - Output frequency 1316 MHz 437 Mhz digital DVBS - 2 Msym/see SR setting below. VPID=256, APID=257, PMT PID=4095 GB3NQ has had a upgrade With Three Ryde Recevers 23cms 70cms 146.500 Datv Symbol Rates are set SR333 on 146.500,(1000,2000,FEC on all other bands) 2m RX installed and talkack on 144.750. The new Logic is installed which will Beacon for 4 Mins then go in stand by for 12 mins.The repeater can be awaken at any time on a valid signal, from Analog TX 23Cms, or Digital TX on 70Cms DATV. (Please be patient) on the Anolog Front anolog in anolog out.23 Cms