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All of the team members are volunteers who freely give of their time and energy to maintain the integrity of the services provided by the group.

This includes fund raising and rally attendance throughout the year.

You can help by volunteering.

The mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group Came into existence in the 1970s with the Introduction of the 2 metre repeater GB3NC. At that time GB3NC was co-sited with many other radio facilities as it was set up by the Newquay Amateur Radio Society and Pye Radio engineers who were licenced amateurs. Bryan G8GOR was the club secretary at the time for reports.

The site was ideal for mobile stations who were able to work GB3NC across Cornwall. Sadly, the pager people also saw the site as a good place to locate their infernal pagers which caused much interference to the 2 metre repeater.

The repeater group had little choice but

to relocate GB3NC elsewhere.

It was fortunate that a redundant mast

became available which had been used by

the Gas board.GB3NC was located here

on Hensbarrow Downs and continued

to operate for many years. The site

was not secure and regrettably GB3NC

was stolen by anti repeater people, it was

alleged and it took some time for us to

re-establish the 2 metre service. We

improved our security and developed the

site to include the 70cm repeater GB3HB.

Later, a ATV repeater was installed and

gave good Service across much of

Cornwall on 23cm.

The repeater group continued to operate

from the Gas mast for many years

until it became evident that the 2 metre

service was being interfered with by the

mast. It took some time to work out that

the RF interference was due to the mast

corroding and generating the interference.

Our aerial riggers inspected the mast and found that corrosion was very bad especially right at the top where the GB3NC aerial was located. It Became to dangerous to replace the aerials and the repeater group once again were forced to look for another mast. Our beacons at the time were also running from another site at zero cost to the group. This had also been arranged by the Pye engineers. We were lucky once again as the company owning the beacon site had decided to abandon it and were considering levelling the site. We were able to convince them that the cost of removing the mast and buildings would be high and perhaps they might sell the site to us and save on the disposal costs. We were able to negotiate a deal but could only get from the Clay Company a 5 year lease on the leasehold land. This has something to do with the rights of ownership and has not been a problem but it does mean an expensive legal bill every 5 years to update the lease for another 5 years. So we own the site but not the land and moved all of the equipment from our old site to the new site and set up GB3NC, GB3HB and GB3NQ to work along side the beacons in 2009.

Phill Mathews M0PHM working up the old Gas board mast at Hensbarrow downs. We have scrapped this mast on moving to our new site


Bryan Pearce            G8GOR

Chairman and PRO, Data manager

& Echolink

Roger Gregory         G4OCO

Group Treasurer  and Vice chairman

Keith Holland           G3MCD


John Newman          G0VDU

Repeater Keeper GB3NC GB3HB &

Deputy treasurer

Mike Bundy             G4WVD

Beacon Keeper

Nick Camp              G7KFU

ATV Repeater Keeper GB3NQ

Keith Bonney           G0KTD

Newquay ARS Member

Bryan Pearce           G8GOR

St Austell club Member & ATC

Stephen Thompson G8TNA

Poldhu club Member

Chris Ring               M6WIW

Callington club Member

Roger Hann             2E0RPH

CRAC club Member


Rich Willis               2E0TGK

Holsworthy club Member

Don Roomes           G0RQL


Maurice Richards    G3WKF


Peter Howard          G1OFG


John Brooks            M0HJO


Lisa Penny              2E0PXI


Luke Penny             M6YEN